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Surfcam Siparişleri Yetiştirmemizi Sağladı!

Kaygan Machine Industry, a Turkish manufacturer of ‘shopfloor machines and production lines’, recently used Surfcam programming software ( to help it fulfil an important order from the US company CN Wire.

Struggling to meet the required production times with its old CAM system, Kaygan contacted Vero’s reseller in Turkey, Erdal Firat Engineering, and was introduced to Surfcam software. 

This reduced the manufacturing cycle time by 40%, enabling the order to be completed on time.

Batuhan Kaygan, founder and general manager of Kaygan Machine Industry, said: “With our old CAM system, it was impossible to meet the tight schedules, as the resulting cycle times were simply too long. 

“Surfcam cut our cycle times by more than 40%; and while we thought introducing a new programming system might cause some disruption, the Erdal Firat team provided unconditional support while training our CAD/CAM team. 

“In just one week, we became experts and were using Surfcam perfectly.” 

Erdal Firat Engineering is heavily involved in Turkey’s design, manufacturing and engineering industries; it also supports higher-education institutes and universities — including Yildiz Technical University and Akdeniz University — and it has been supplying Vero software products for over 12 years. 

It is also the country’s only authorised distributor of Surfcam.

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